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Dear Student

   In the present era of liberalization and globalization, trade and business opportunities abound in the realm of international trade. This fascinating business that involves international travel, high pressure selling and promise of optimum good profits. Exports enjoy privileges and special benefits with regard to taxes, incentives, drawbacks, special forex facilities etc, not granted to other business engaging in domestic trade with India meeting WTO requirements a head of schedule, imports of various goods has also been thrown open, offering immense opportunities for savvy businessmen. The international market place today offers vast opportunities for import and export for business of all sizes.

As a result, there will be strong demand for export and import executive with through knowledge and sound practical skills. Goswami Institute Of Foreign Trade has designed a three month regular education program to impact practical training to entrepreneurs who wish to enter the exciting and highly rewarding world of exports and imports and also for those who wish to update their knowledge of various departments of international trades.

Obtaining good professional education is the ideal launch pad for a good career. Today, in business and industry, it is utmost important way to get a desired goal.

Wishing you the very best



G.I.F.T (Goswami Institute Of Foreign Trade), Agra.




G.I.F.T ( Goswami Institute Of Foreign Trade) has been set up to professionally help to country’s foreign trade. With its corporate office at Agra. The institute has been established with a mission to impart training to entrepreneurs wishing to start Export/Import venture and executives intending to make a career in export/ import management.

The learning environment and resources that the academy provides will help the participants to realize their full potential by developing skills & expertise to face the challenges of international business. The academy has a perfect blending of young and experienced faculty with specialization in diverse area of international business. It also draws on expert guest faculty comprising specialists from export units.

The course material is designed to widen the knowledge base of young managers and to equip them with necessary skills to meet the challenges of globally competitive environment. It is meant for professionals and students working in the field of management who have no formal education in the field of business.


G.I.F.T  is registered education institute is not affiliated to any Government institute thought G.I.F.T is a life member of various Govt. run institutions like Goswami Institute Of Foreign Trade , FIFO etc.

It is to ensure flexible for updating the syllabus on a continued basis and also to expedite communication & transaction with student that G.I.F.T has decided not to get ried to any other Governmental or non government organization.

This course in Export management is intended to disseminate knowledge & provides all practical knowledge needed for career in Exporting or Importing Field.

 START YOUR OWN EXPORT BUSINESS- ‘Think Globally & Act Locally’ plan & Act Now.

 With globalization and the opening up of markets, there are numerous a venues and opportunities for export/import ventures. But to be successful in the business, one should be well trained and stay updated on various facts of international trade like marketing, documentation, letter drafting, packaging, logistics, financing etc. it is also crucial for Indian businessmen to stay abreast of the current policies of the government, and the liberalized systems of the government of India have made export business the most rewarding and the least investment-oriented.



The rapid growth of international trade in the country has thrown open the doors highly rewarding job opportunities to person trained in export import transactions. Usually vacancies come up in the marketing. Documentation, logistics department of organizations in international trade. In view of the thrust given to exports by our government there are increasing huge job opportunities for export executives.



The following are some of the areas and organization where export/import management student can avail employment

Export Department of companies, Export House, Trading House, Star Trading House, Super Star trading House, Export Processing Zone,  Export Oriented Units, Exports Promotion Councils, Development Authorities & Commodity boards, Cargo Clearing & handling Agents, Marine Insurance Companies, Packaging Industries.



Student passing the examinations and desiring placements assistance can get the proper guidance of their queries by G.I.F.T.  The institute ensure to provide the placement as when enquiries received from companies, will be directed to student who fulfill the necessary criteria demanded by the export business houses.

Why should you attend this Export/Import Management Course 

Increasing globalization and liberalization of the world economy has seen a rapid increase not only in the growth of the international trade but also in the complex nature of problems posed by sweeping changes in the systems of international business. The opportunities and challenges presented by the increasing internationalization of business are growing and to manage them successfully the need for the knowledgeable and skilled professionals/managers is assiduously growing. This course therefore equip the students with a comprehensive knowledge and skills on various aspects of International business including the structure of International trade operations, regulatory guidelines, documentary formalities, shipping documents, packaging, security in international trade , transaction cost , freight forwarding , logistics  and role of the other intermediaries etc.

In light of recession in the traditional markets of EU and USA, it becomes important to take an initiative to diversify our export markets and offset the inherent disadvantage for  the exporters in emerging markets of Africa, Latin America, Oceania and CIS countries such as credit risks, higher trade costs etc., through appropriate policy instruments. New emerging markets have been given a special focus to enable competitive exports by deputing additional resources under the Market Development Assistance Scheme and Market Access Initiative Scheme. Further in light of various WTO agreements and initiatives taken by India towards signing of various regional and bilateral trading agreements, it does make sense for Indian exporters to consider diversifying from the traditional markets of USA, EU and Japan etc to new emerging economies including LAC, Africa,

ASEAN, Korea and other Asian markets etc.Understanding that the export diversification is the need of hour, both start- up companies as well as established firms are looking forward to the managers having an in-depth understanding of doing business across various global markets and thus enabling companies to develop customized business plan and market entry strategies and thus prove to be an asset for firm’s expansion plans. The couse  thus coincides with the FTP declaration of doubling India’s exports of goods and services by 2020 through enhanced market access across the world and diversification of export markets be developing this requisite capability of understanding newer markets  amongst our managers.The primary objective of the program therefore  is to build knowledge on the key aspects of export/import management, for participants in different cities across India and in the  neighboringcountries. Regular evaluation ensures that the participant has, indeed, imbibed both the knowledge and its applications thus enabling them to become the world class professionals and entrepreneurs in the fast changing global environment.



G.I.F.T (Goswami institute of Export/ Import Management) offers a Diploma program in Export/Import Management, This is a three months professional education program dealing exhaustively with all aspects of export/import. At the end the program (i.e. after 3 months) written examination are conducted to evaluate students. Those successfully completing the program will be awarded with a Diploma.

The approach


The student are exposed to a through study of the various department of export-import trade. Through the course lays more emphasis on the export business, import formalities are also covered. The course covers various export/import- related topics such as marketing, packaging, logistics, financing, documentation and policies from a practical view point. The curriculum has designed to cover the latest developments in all aspects and the course material is constantly revised to reflect changes in policies procedures etc.

Study material


The detailed syllabus for the course is subsequently listed in the prospectus. This syllabus has been designed with the help of highly qualified and competent faculty members and consultants with vast experience of export are covered in this course. moreover, the course material is written in very simple language, in easy to understand and explain the subject both conceptually and in terms of actual practical know how.


 The study material is updated on a very regular basis and students will get the latest information from the books.


The institute will provide all necessary books and no need for a student to purchase additional books.

   Printed study material prepared by the institute will be made available to the student. The study material will be provided to the students in 3 sets the first set will be provided at an interval of approximately 30 days.



                                         FEES STRUCTURE

     The following options are available for payment fees:

1.                     This course fees is : 25,000

The application form is 100 Rupees

2.      Installment scheme

Along with the filled application from:  Rs. 10,000

One month after enrolment :   Rs 8,000

Two month after enrolment: Rs. 8,000

                                    Total     : Rs. 26,000



 How to Apply

At the time of admission, the candidates must submit the application from duly completed in BLOCK LETTER.

a)     SSC/HSC to prove date of birth.

b)    Copy of the certificate of last Academic Qualification.

These documents, along with the fees should be sent so as to reach the office on or before the prescribed date.


Last date for receipt of filled application from and fee is………………….


There will be five papers for the examination covering the following subjects

a)     Export/Import Documentation & Govt. Policy.

b)    Export Marketing ( Merchandising)

c)     Export finance

d)    Logistic

e)     Specialization subjects

On the completion of the course examination will be conducted. Any students who fail in an examination can get a change to re- exam on payment of 100/- paper. However student who passes the exam will not be entertain to give re-examination for improvement of grades.



The diploma certification along with the mark sheet will be provided to those students who clear all subjects.


Grading System

Minimum marks for a pass in each paper:   45%

Minimum aggregate marks:                           50%

Minimum marks for Ist class:                         65%

Minimum marks from Distinction:                75%

For evaluation purpose, a three point system would be used. The grade and its corresponding percentage are shown below.

A Grade (Distinction)          75-100

B Grade ( Ist class)              65-74

C Grade (IInd class)            50-64


Main Syllabus (Compulsory Papers)

1.  Export Documentation & Govt. Policy


Exim Policy

 Custom act

 Other acts relating to export/import

 Formalities for commencing

 Custom formalities

 Export documentation

Project exports

Export of services –

Exports of excisable goods –

 Import documentation

Clearance of import goods

 100% export oriented unites

 Export processing zone

 Special economic zones

 Duty drawback procedure

Export/ import incentives

Import licenses etc.


2.  Export Marketing (Merchandising)


Marketing terms

International marketing environment

Entry to foreign markets


Support institutes to facilitate export

Market research and its planning

Grouping of countries


World bank

Export correspondence and pricing

Electronic trade

Theories of trade

Trade cycles

Mechanics of protection

Balance of payment

Channels of distribution

Exports of projects and service etc

Entrepreneurial guide to become an exporter

Product/ buyer identification

Out sourcing

Government role


3.  Export Finance

Basic concepts of foreign exchange

Methods of international payment settlement

International commercial terms

Letter of credit

Exchange control regulation for import and exports

Exports financing

Pre shipment finance

Post shipment finance

Exam bank of India


Demand guarantees and stand by letter of credits

Forfeting and finance


4.  font size="3"> Shipping & Packaging

Shipping & Marine insurance terminology

General info on shipping

Types of container and ship


Marine insurance

Air transportation

Bill of lading / air way bill / sea way bill

Maritime fraub

Packaging introduction

Mechanical tests

Climate tests

Stretch wrapping

Cushioning material

Shrink packaging

Packaging cost

Lab testing

International care labeling cade


5.  Logistic & Supply Chain

Logistics & SCM models

Demand forecasting

Customer service

Inventory management

Supply planning & MRP, DRP, & JIT  concepts



Procurement & purchasing

Integrated logistics & Management






CBM Calculator for unit CM and KG

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